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Yamamoto Yamatanuki 2.5" (Grn Pmpkn/ Blk Flake)

Yamamoto Yamatanuki 2.5" (Grn Pmpkn/ Blk Flake)

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Hot on the heels of one of the most popular baits of 2023 comes the all-new Yamatanuki 2.5” from Yamamoto Baits. Much like its 3.5” big brother, the 2.5” Yamatanuki is a power-finesse offering that fish can’t resist. It weighs ¼ oz alone, is available in 8 colors, falls with the same tantalizing sway and shimmy, and allows for countless rigging opportunities to fit most any scenario. This new size of the Yamatanuki was repeatedly requested by our pros and consumers who wanted a smaller, more compact version of their new favorite soft plastic. The smaller size allows for greater application in clear water, smallmouth, spotted bass, and other finesse scenarios. The 2.5” perfectly fits the bill as it can be fished on light line, rigged weightless, or on most any style of jig head. It can be cast, pitched, skipped, dropped, or presented however the situation calls for. As usual, you can expect consistent and top-quality products from a bait company that’s proudly
made in the USA. The 2.5” Yamatanuki will take your finesse fishing game to a whole new level!

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