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Uflex Aluminum Inboard Cylinder - 1.25" Bore 7" Stroke [UC116-I]

Uflex Aluminum Inboard Cylinder - 1.25" Bore 7" Stroke [UC116-I]

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Aluminum Inboard Cylinder - 1.25" Bore & 7" Stroke

A hydraulic steering system consists of a steering pump, a cylinder tied to the rudder or the outboard or sterndrive engine, and the connecting hoses. Under normal operating conditions, a steering wheel turn will pump the oil, which flows in through the hoses to the cylinder, according to the turn direction.

With the consequent cylinder movement, the oil will flow to the pump through the hoses and, at the same time, move the engine or the helm, which are connected to the cylinder. The pumps, equipped with a valve that prevents outgoing fluid from returning along the same hose, allow the operation of the steering systems with two or more steering stations. The cylinders are double-acting and may be balanced or unbalanced. This particular cylinder is a balanced cylinder with the same number of steering wheel turns to move the helm from the center to the end stroke in two opposite directions. A well-balanced steering system needs the correct choice of pump for the cylinder.

This hydraulic cylinder for the inboard engine UC 116-I has been designed and manufactured to be used as a component in the hydraulic steering systems. The cylinder with a mobile rod is installed directly to the arm of the helm through the proper ball joint on the end part of the cylinder. On the opposite side, it is fixed directly to the boat through a support with the plate.


  • Balanced (the number of turns lock-to-lock is equal to port to starboard or vice versa)


  • Volume: 116 cc - 7
  • Torque: 58 kg (5043 lbs.)
  • Output Force: 464 kg (1023 lbs)

Owner's Manual (pdf)
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