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Scanstrut 8" Aluminum Wedge Mount f/Starlink [SC-SL-01]

Scanstrut 8" Aluminum Wedge Mount f/Starlink [SC-SL-01]

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8" Aluminum Wedge Mount for Starlink

Is your Boat Starlink Ready?

Enhance the performance of your Starlink Flat High-Performance with our Aluminium 8° Wedge Mount which has been specifically designed for the marine environment. The mount works as a stand-alone wedge or is compatible with our Modular Dual PowerTower Range and SC103/4 Pole mounts.

The Scanstrut Aluminium 8° Wedge Mount for Starlink High-Performance has been specifically designed for the marine environment. This versatile wedge can serve as a standalone option for mounting Starlink directly onto a boat's roof or deck. Additionally, it functions as an adapter plate, seamlessly integrating with our popular Modular Dual PowerTower range, making it ideal for multi-electronic installations on powerboats. It can also be used as a top plate in conjunction with our SC100 Pole Mount range, designed specifically for transom mounting on sailing boats, ensuring that your Starlink hardware is elevated to an optimal position while optimizing space onboard.


  • Designed to fit Starlink High-Performance.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes allow the hardware to fasten directly to the wedge.
  • Built-in Scanstrut Cable Seal ensures a watertight installation.
  • No need to cut the Starlink connectors for installation.
  • Marine sealant is not required.
  • Paint finishes comply with our unique 4-step marine paint system.
  • Constructed from the best marine-grade aluminum.
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