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IMPULSE XL 6" Set Back Electric Jack Plate w/Smart Control - White Cerakote [75051-W]

IMPULSE XL 6" Set Back Electric Jack Plate w/Smart Control - White Cerakote [75051-W]

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XL 6" Set Back Electric Jack Plate with Smart Control - White Cerakote

The IMPULSE brand represents a fundamental shift in the way we think about Jack Plates. Purposefully designed, with features for both the modern angler and the performance junkie, the IMPULSE brand is about to make some serious waves in the Jack Plate market.

IMPULSE Jack Plates are all electric which means they are cleaner, greener, and more energy-efficient than their hydraulic counterparts.  They also won't bleed down and require no messy fluids or hoses!

The IMPULSE features a modular design which creates a more open area for mounting without the need for setback spacers.

Unlock the true potential of your IMPULSE Jack Plate without out SMART Control Kit which adds an incredible set of features including a Smart Remote that doubles as a digital gauge!

  • Display - The IMPLSE Smart Remote utilizes a SHARP® Memory In a Pixel LCD. Embedded, 1-bit memory in every pixel allows for an always-on display that leverages ambient light to create a high-contrast, high-resolution image in all light conditions.
  • MEMORY BUTTONS - The Smart Remote allows the user to program up to 3 precise memory positions that can be triggered with the push of a button.  This allows you to keep your hands off your jack plate control and back on the wheel as much as possible.
  • TRAILER BUTTON - Another industry-first: a 4th programmable button installed on the frame of the jack plate, allowing you to put your jack plate at the perfect trailering height without having to climb back in the boat.

Rated for outboards up to 450HP

Owner's Manual (pdf)
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