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Digital Yacht NavAlert NMEA Monitor Alarm System [ZDIGNALERT]

Digital Yacht NavAlert NMEA Monitor Alarm System [ZDIGNALERT]

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NavAlert NMEA Monitor & Alarm System

NavAlert is Digital Yacht’s latest innovation and allows an alarm to be set for any parameter that’s available on the boat’s NMEA 2000 network. That could be navigation data such as depth, heading, or speed, as well as electrical data such as voltage and engine/generator data including temperature, pressure, tank levels, fuel flow, etc.

It connects anywhere on the NMEA 2000 network and takes power from this connection, so installation is super simple. A local WiFi network is created by NavAlert, so setup is possible via any smartphone, tablet, or PC. Simply choose the parameter to monitor and set an alarm level.


Integrated into NavAlert is a custom alarm for anchor drift using an algorithm to calculate the optimum drift radius based on depth and the scope of the chain for reliable notifications. There’s also an anti-collision alarm based on CPA (closest point of approach) and TCPA (time to the closest point of approach) AIS data from a connected AIS. These alerts can also be monitored through the wireless interface with attractive graphical displays of current status.

Alarms can also generate an SMS message, which can be relayed through Digital Yacht’s 4GXtream internet connectivity solution, allowing remote monitoring, which is great for feeling secure that the anchor is holding well when enjoying a lunch ashore. Alarms are independent of any alarms set on a plotter, allowing NavAlert to operate even without a primary multi-function display being powered up (an important feature for power-limited sailboats).

Alerts can also be relayed to compatible multi-function devices (Garmin supports this function) for a pop-up data window indicating an alert and the ability to acknowledge it.

*NavAlert is universal, using the industry standard NMEA 2000 data protocol, so it will integrate with all leading brands and systems.


The operation is simple. Simply search for the WiFi network that NavAlert creates and connect via a smartphone or tablet. Open a browser and connect to NavAlert, and users are presented with a clear graphical interface allowing easy setup, configuration, and viewing of the alerts and network data. NavAlert constantly monitors the whole network, so alert parameters can be set for any variable.

Users can configure the NavAlert through its simple web interface. Just open a web browser, enter the NavAlert’s IP address, and users can change the network name and password, or even merge the WiFi to an existing WiFi network on board… So no complicated programming software or app is required.


  • Multiple parameters can be monitored


  • Universal NMEA 2000 alarm and monitoring solution
  • Set a configurable audio and visual alarm for any parameter on the NMEA 2000 network – for instance: shallow depth, low fuel level, off course, engine temp, tank levels, low voltage, etc
  • Relay the alert via the NMEA 2000 bus to a Garmin multi-function display to deliver a popup alarm window
  • SMS alerting through Digital Yacht’s 4G Xtream system to a mobile – ideal for remote monitoring of the boat.
  • Built-in unique anchor drift alarm
  • Built-in AIS collision avoidance alarm

What’s In the Box:

  • 1m NMEA2000 drop cable
  • WiFi antenna built-in

Owner's Manual (pdf)
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