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Connect-Ease 12V Parallel Battery Connection System [RCE12VBPK]

Connect-Ease 12V Parallel Battery Connection System [RCE12VBPK]

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12V Parallel Battery Connection System

This 12V parallel battery connection kit creates the perfect parallel connection for use in extended battery power needs, such as 12V trolling motors, ATVs, RVs, ice houses, agricultural equipment, sump pumps, lights, cabins, and anywhere extended 12V power is needed. 

Also, for boats and other applications needing to create more power for running 12V trolling electronics, live wells, bilge pumps, power poles, and more starting batteries for large outboards, batteries draw power from both batteries and will charge together off the alternator or charger at the same time. If users need more power and voltage to start, using this product, users can run all their electronics, live wells, and bilge pumps off a dual battery setup. This is the product to power a boat for longer days on the water without the worry of draining the main battery, so users will always have the power they need to spend more time on the water. 


  • Plug-and-play connections are lithium-compatible
  • Parallel multi-purpose 6-gauge battery connections with an 8-gauge parallel system for powering small trolling motors, wenches, halogen lights, AG equipment, etc.
  • Marine grade components
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