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Aqua-Vu Micro Revolution 5.0 HD Underwater Camera [100-5194]

Aqua-Vu Micro Revolution 5.0 HD Underwater Camera [100-5194]

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Micro Revolution 5.0 HD Underwater Camera

The Aqua-Vu® Micro Revolution 5.0 HD Underwater Camera: Embark on an extraordinary underwater journey with the Aqua-Vu® Micro Revolution 5.0 HD Underwater Camera—a true revolution in underwater exploration.

Designed to bring the underwater world to a user’s fingertips without getting wet, this feature-rich and compact camera is the gateway to a new dimension of discovery. Now featuring an innovative IR underwater fishing light, this camera takes the underwater experience to a whole new level. Equipped with 60 feet of durable cable, the Micro Revolution 5.0 HD boasts a waterproof camera that transmits live, real-time footage to a high-resolution 5-inch LCD screen. The addition of the IR underwater fishing light ensures enhanced visibility in various underwater conditions, revealing hidden treasures once concealed in the dark depths.

Navigate effortlessly with the user-friendly interface and experience unprecedented convenience with the Integrated Revolution™ Camera Reel System, an industry-exclusive feature that streamlines camera deployment and retrieval. Say goodbye to managing bulky cables and embrace seamless operation. Advanced image processing technology sets the Micro Revolution 5.0 HD apart, delivering stunning visuals without the need for manual adjustments. Simply power on the unit, submerge the camera and witness crystal-clear imagery come to life.

For easy storage and transportation, the Micro Revolution 5.0 HD features a compact design, and for added convenience, consider the optional Mobile Pro Carrying Case (available separately). Experience underwater exploration like never before with the Aqua-Vu® Micro Revolution 5.0 HD Underwater Camera. Dive into the depths with confidence, uncovering the mysteries of underwater landscapes with unparalleled clarity.


  • Brighter 5" high resolution LCD
  • Ultra Clear HD1080p Camera with 60’ durable cable and depth indication (on cable)
  • Industry exclusive, Revolution™ Integrated Camera Reel System (Patent #D832084)
  • Includes built-in IR underwater fishing light to boost visibility in low-light conditions
  • 6 Hours of Runtime with a rechargeable Internal Lithium-Ion battery, battery status, & USB/Wall Charger
  • Removable fin & camera position clips for ice & open water use

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