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YakGear Galvanized Brush Gripper [01-0082]

YakGear Galvanized Brush Gripper [01-0082]

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Galvanized Brush Gripper

The YakGear Brush Gripper clamps tightly to brushes, limbs, and various other objects. Simply squeeze to open the jaws; release to close. These brush grippers clamp down tight for a secure hold on limbs. It is great for containing, hanging, and securing any number of items in the backyard or around the campsite. The spring-loaded tension design ensures a tight hold with no play. Includes rope. Specially designed with spring-loaded tension, so the harder users pull, the tighter it grips.


  • Galvanized brush gripper
  • Secures items to a limb or branch
  • Spring-loaded to ensure a tight hold
  • 8 ft. of rope included
  • 1-year warranty
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