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Harken 1 Ton Twing Block [3405]

Harken 1 Ton Twing Block [3405]

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1 Ton Twing Block

The Twing block features a spring-loaded side opening mechanism for true one-handed rigging, even while wearing sailing gloves. Black anodized aluminum sideplates are edged with robust bumpers to protect the block, topsides, and deck. The sheave is aluminum rolling on a bearing system shared with Harken's existing 2.3T high-load snatch block. 


  • Side opening side plate - Easy to rig and remove from sheet
  • Spring loaded button release - Quick one-handed rigging
  • Anti-capsize bar - Keeps sheave aligned on sheet
  • ULC main bearing - Sheave turns smoothly under extreme loading
  • Sideload balls - Carry loads especially when the block is not aligned in light air
  • Thimble at pivot base - Use 1:1 or 2:1 up-down control
  • Machined aluminum inner sideplates - High strength, low weight
  • Soft polyurethane outer side plate bumpers - Protects block and deck


  • Twing, tweaker control for code zero sheets
  • Can be used as a snatch block when combined with a soft shackle
  • Spinnaker sheet and guy control


  • Sheave Ø (mm): 38.5 mm
  • Sheave Ø (in): 1-1/2 in
  • Maximum line Ø (mm): 11 mm
  • Maximum line Ø (in): .43 in
  • Maximum working load (kg): 1000 kg
  • Maximum working load (lb): 2205 lb
  • Breaking load (kg): 2000 kg
  • Breaking load (lb): 4409 lb

Owner's Manual (pdf)
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