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Connect-Ease 24V Single Case Batter Trolling Motor System [RCE24VSCK]

Connect-Ease 24V Single Case Batter Trolling Motor System [RCE24VSCK]

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24V Single Case Batter Trolling Motor System

Fact: Lithium batteries have greatly reduced weight while greatly increasing consistent voltage and power, as well as runtime. Designed specifically for lithium battery users, meets the CONNECT-EASE INGNITE SINGLE CASE.

Designed to power any 24-volt trolling motor on the market, this CONNECT-EASE IGNITE SINGLE CASE features a six-gauge wire, onboard charging leads, a 60-amp circuit breaker, and a negative connection block, offering anglers quick installation with everything preconfigured for proven, reliable performance. It also includes a 24V single-case battery connection and a 60-amp circuit breaker negative connecting post.

The system is the best power connection for any trolling motor with 60–100 AH lithium single-case batteries, which include Dakota Lithium, Amped, Norsk, Monster, Lithium Pro, Abyss, and more.


  • Plug-and-play connections
  • 6-gauge wire, onboard charging leads, 60A circuit breaker, and negative connection block— bringing a quick and easy installation and powerful, proven performance to any 36V trolling motor installation
  • Lithium compatible and the best power connection for a 60–120-amp lithium battery and any brand/Model 36V trolling motor.
  • Integrate the onboard charger through pre-wired connections
  • 60A circuit breaker included
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