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Connect-Ease 24V Series Standard Trolling Motor System [RCE24VBK]

Connect-Ease 24V Series Standard Trolling Motor System [RCE24VBK]

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24V Series Standard Trolling Motor System

Check out this easy-to-use system for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts who want to quickly connect, remove, or just disconnect their marine batteries for charging, replacement, storage, or possible theft.

Connect-Ease's patented system takes the guesswork and frustration out of hooking up 24-volt trolling motors and correctly connecting batteries in series every time. Connect-Ease's industrial-grade, corrosion-free connections provide clean voltage, keeping high-output trolling motors in top condition.

Easy battery removal and replacement from tight boating compartments now only takes seconds, without tools. The product features corrosion-free connections and provides the voltage vital for marine equipment performance and longevity.

Once Connect-Ease products are installed, no tools are needed for the removal, replacement, or storage of expensive marine batteries. Using the Connect-Ease series of products allows connecting any 12V marine battery with any equipment or device at any time, any place, easily and quickly by simply snapping the connectors together.


  • Plug-and-play connections lithium-compatible
  • 8-gauge wire, onboard charging leads, bringing a quick and easy installation and powerful, proven performance to any 24V trolling motor installation
  • Lithium compatible and the best power connection for 60–120-amp lithium batteries and any brand/model 24V trolling motor
  • Makes rigging and battery removal foolproof


  • UL1426 tinned marine grade wire -one-year warranty – saltwater approved
  • 1- 24 volt trolling motor connection
  • 2 - 6 AWG easy 12-volt battery connectors with 24V bridge
  • 50-amp rating
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